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SR-71 Items that can be purchased from various sources

The following index is a list of Blackbird books, Art Prints, Screensavers; DVD's and memorabilia that can be purchased from various sources. In most cases, I have reviewed the books and have included that review on the respective web page. 

SR-71 and Blackbird Books

Flying the SR-71 Blackbird: In  the Cockpit on a Secret Operational Mission takes readers on an operational mission that only a few U.S. Air Force pilots have ever experienced. Go here to check out Richard Graham's newest book features and ordering details: Flying the SR-71 Blackbird 

SR-71 Pilot and prior Commander of the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing at Beale AFB in California, Colonel Richard Graham presents his 3rd in depth book on the SR-71. You can step into the cockpit and see what it is like to fly the famous Blackbird on a combat mission. Included in the book is the previously classified pilot's checklist. If you love to fly, you will find this book detailed and  humorous but most of all concise and accurate from one of the most respected leaders of the Blackbird family. Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to help restore the  SR-71 simulator to operational status. The Sim is located at  the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas, Texas. Yes, perhaps eventually you will be able to climb into the cockpit and Sim fly the famous Blackbird. It just doesn't get any better than this. Purchase the book; enjoy the read; then feel confident your purchase has helped establish a precedent for future generations. 

Leland Haynes, Webmaster, SR-71 Blackbirds

"Blackbird Rising" by Donn A. Byrnes and Ken D. Hurley: A fascinating book about what it was like at Area 51 when the Blackbirds were cloaked in Black. Donn has done a tremendous service in relating his experiences during the early 1960's. I didn't see anything about aliens. This one should be at the top of your list to buy. Order from Sage Mesa Publications at this URL:

"SR-71 Revealed; The Inside Story" by Colonel Richard Graham: As an SR-71 pilot and Commander of the elite Blackbirds at Beale AFB in California, Colonel Graham has put together a great book on what it was like flying and commanding the SR-71's. Crew member recollections is included as well as the real reason behind the "demise" of the Blackbirds. The book is 224 pages and includes 50 photographs. All royalties from the sale of this book are donated to the "J.T." Vida Memorial Fund. Review and ordering information is available at this URL:

"SR-71 Blackbird; Stories, Tales and Legends" by Colonel Richard Graham. This is Colonel Graham's second book and one of my favorites. Here are the first hand accounts by SR-71 pilots and Reconnaissance System Operators of their experiences while flying the World's Fastest Jet Aircraft. You won't be disappointed to add this to your collection. Go to this web page for Reviews and ordering information:

"SR-71 & YF12A Flight Manuals" Available now is a reprint of the original Flight Manuals for both the SR-71 and the YF-12A. The were downgraded from Secret and declassified in 1990 under the Senior Crown Program. This edition of the SR-71A-1 was last revised in July of 1989 and is thus the most current available copy of the Flight Manual. The YF-12A was last revised 15 February 1971. Go here to review the books:

"U OUGHTA", The Biography of William M. (Bill) Gornik, CMSgt, USAF, (Ret). The result is a book 9 by 11 inches and 1 inch thick with 257 pages including over 100 photos (B&W and color). The dust cover is very unique and includes 3 very complimentary endorsements (one by a retired USAF Lt/Gen and one by a former Boise State University President). As many of you are aware, Bill's contribution to the Blackbird program over the years is certainly one of dedication and professionalism. He was proud to be inducted into the Blackbird Laurels Society on behalf of all the enlisted men. Here is his life story with a table of contents and ordering information. URL:

David Allison's Blackbird Book Web Site: David's collection of SR-71 Book reviews and ordering information is the most complete of any site on the Internet. He has virtually bought and reviewed every book available on the subject including those long out of print. If you are determined to buy or review any book that has been published about the Blackbirds then go to his web site for the "Grand Tour" Here is his URL:

Sled Driver, The Limited Edition" by Brian Shul: This book about the SR-71 is without peer. It is destined to be the classic "SR-71 Blackbird" book of all time. This Limited Edition is One of 3,500 and personally signed by four crewmembers of the SR-71. You will be proud to own one as it is sure to become a treasured collector's item, to be passed down to future generations of aviation enthusiasts for a long time. Go to this URL for information and ordering instructions:


SR-71 Screensaver

Finally, a screensaver that is worthy of Lockheed's famous SR-71 aircraft. There is 170 images of the Blackbirds including the A12; YF12; M21 and the SR-71. You may download the 10 image SR-71 Screensaver on a Trial Basis for 30 days. If you want to purchase the full version 170 image screensaver, go to the following web page to purchase. All proceeds go to support this web site to further the historical preservation of the Blackbirds. Information, ordering instructions is available here:

Blackbird DVD's you can order:

SR-71 DVD Movies and Screensavers PayPal or Credit Card Secure Order. A listing of all screensavers and DVD's you can order from the webmaster of the site you are now visiting. Photos and contents of each item is listed with the price here:

Heavy Metal: Blackbird Stealth! The History Channel has been showing this movie periodically since it came out in November of 2002. HEAVY METAL chronicles the development of the Blackbird and its dramatic operational history with the help of the men who built and flew the revolutionary aircraft. Pilots and crew chiefs detail the work that went into each and every mission, and share incredible stories of penetrating enemy airspace over South East Asia, the Sinai Desert and Libya. And footage shot from inside the cockpit shows what it was like to soar at three times the speed of sound 85,000 feet above the earth. It is now available from the A&E TV store in a DVD-R format. Go here to order:

Blackbird Stealth on DVD

Blackbird Art Prints

"Outrun the Thunder" by John Shaw: These Limited Edition prints are being offered by the Blackbird Association. I attended the Blackbird Reunion held in June 2003. I have seen first hand the print by John Shaw and I think it is a masterpiece of art. The detail is incredible noting the reflections of the SR-71 on the wet runway in front of the aircraft. The artist has captured the Blackbird at a moment in time that truly represents every Blackbird flight...the "Last Chance", "The Hammerhead" or "The EOR" (End of Runway) check. What does make this print unique above and beyond all others is the Habu Crewmember signatures with each print having been signed by at least 30 Blackbird Pilots or RSO's. All proceeds go to support the "Blackbird Association". Go here to see the Review and Ordering Information:

"SR-71 Blackbird" by Edwin Markham: Mr. Markham has painted a masterpiece of art showing the Blackbird in flight. This one should be hanging on your wall. Go here to see his work and Ordering information:

To Order from Edwin Markham Studios click here:

"Last Hot Flight" and "Final Ascent" by Dru Blair: These two prints airbrushed by renown artist Dru Blair are presented here to show the quality of these fine prints. His realistic aircraft paintings are often mistaken for airplane photos. To review the prints go to this URL:

To order from the Dru Blair web site, visit this URL:


Sky's the Limit and Aviation Gifts web site: Here you will find a large assortment of SR-71 and U-2 related memorabilia as well as other Aviation gifts. Buy T-Shirts, Models, Patches, Posters, Mugs, Jewelry and more at this web site. There is included a shopping cart for your convenience on ordering items. URL:


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