SR-71 and YF-12A Flight Manuals

Available now is a reprint of the original Flight Manuals for both the SR-71 and the YF-12A. The were downgraded from Secret and declassified in 1990 under the Senior Crown Program. This edition of the SR-71A-1 was last revised in July of 1989 and is thus the most current available copy of the Flight Manual. The YF-12A was last revised 15 February 1971.


The SR-71 Flight Manual



SR-71 Flight Manual Sample Page:


YF-12A Flight Manual

The original author of this manual was James D. Eastham, Lockheed Test Pilot and the first person to fly the YF-12A on August 07, 1963



Sample YF-12A Page:


These Government reprint copies range in price from $99.95 for the SR-71 to $49.95 for the YF-12A Manual. The SR-71 Manual is over two inches thick and contains a wealth of information about the characteristics and limitations of the aircraft. There are 1,052 pages less those Sensor pages that is still considered classified information. These manuals are also called the Pilot's Flight Manual or the -1. The reprint quality is excellent and I think for the money they are a great investment as a reference. The first reprints of the SR-71 Flight Manuals were sold on eBay some years back for $400-$500. This new edition of the SR-71 Flight Manual contains 40 additional pages that were previously classified in the older reprint.

The SR-71 and the YF-12A Flight Manual Reprints are available for purchase from:

Ross & Perry, Inc.


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Or order directly from:

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Other Flight Manuals Available:


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