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1. "SR-71 Blackbirds" Introductory page - Describes the beginning of the World Record Speed Run by the SR-71 from New York to London England in 1974 with eight related links.
URL: ./sr-71~1.htm

2. "New York to London Speed Run" - Describes all facets of the speed run with photos of the Pilots involved as well as detailed maps of the routes flown. Graphic Intensive. 
URL: ./srspee~1.htm

3. "SR-71 Image Archive #1" - Contains 45 images taken at Farnborough England Air show in 1974 while on static display. Click on Thumbnail images to enlarge.
URL: ./image2~1.htm

4. "SR-71 Image Archive #2" - Contains an additional 28 thumbnail images of the Farnborough event taken by Lew Williams, Lockheed Technical Representative.
URL: ./image2~2.html

5. "London to Los Angeles Speed Run" - Describes the historic return flight, London to Los Angeles in 1974; a distance flown of 5,447 statute miles in 3 hours, 47 minutes, 39 seconds. Contains an image archive of 48 thumbnail images of the SR-71 and Crew upon arrival at Beale AFB, California. Pilots were Buck Adams and Bill Machorek.
URL: ./la001.html

6. "Questions and Thoughts About the SR-71" - Contains 17 Frequently asked questions and provides concise answers about the SR's speed, altitude, temperatures, etc. Great page for students wishing to write a report. Also contains a link to Nasa's Space Observatorium on how long it would take to fly between two points on the globe in an SR-71.
URL: ./srqt~1.htm

7. "SR-71 Program Closes Down" and "Beale AFB AirFest 1997"- Contains events leading up to SR-71 program closing down and President Clinton's use of the controversial line item veto to cease military funding. One of the last flying demonstrations of the SR-71 was at Beale AFB AirFest in 1997.
URL: ./sract~1.htm

8. "SR-71 Video Archive" - Contains Nine Videos (Five in MPEG format, Three in Windows Media format and one in .AVI ) that can be downloaded to your computer. Added "Blackbird Tribute"; NASA SR-71B Refueling; Record Breakers Part One and Part Two.
URL: ./srvid~1.htm

9. "Mach 3+ Links" - This is the Main link web page. Contains 74 Links to the best the Internet has to offer on the SR-71 Blackbird. Go to this link for YF-12, History of the Blackbirds, Records set in Chronological Order, Engine Information, Photo Archive by NASA and a link to 44 copyrighted images of the SR-71's by Lockheed Martin. A large number of these links belong to the "SR-71 Blackbirds" Web Site and will be listed below.
URL: ./srlink~1.htm

10. "SR-71 Blackbird Speed and Altitude Records" - Contains Destinations, Records of speed and altitude set by the SR-71 in chronological order.
URL: ./srrcd~1.htm

11. "Location of SR-71's And Forerunners A-12, M-12 & YF-12"- Locations of existing A-12/M-12/YF-12/SR-71 Blackbirds List. Lists all current locations....perhaps one is near your hometown.
URL: ./srloc~1.htm

12. "Blackbird Specifications" - Contains all Blackbird Technical Data. Includes the A-12, M-12, YF-12 and SR-71. 
URL: ./srspec~1.htm

13. "SR-71 Losses Listing" - A complete revision (02/07/2002) containing images and news articles of each of the 20 Blackbirds lost due to accidents. A total of five web pages including the recovery operation of "974"Ichi Ban off the coast of Luzon Island in the Philippines. 

Page One: URL: ./srloss~1.htm

Page Two: ./loss_2.htm

Page Three: ./loss_3.htm

Page Four: ./loss_4.htm

"Luzon Recovery Page":  Salvage operations of "974" Ichi Ban off the coast of Luzon Island in the Philippines. URL: ./Luzon.html 

14. "SR-71 J-58 Powerplant" - Describes in detail the Pratt and Whitney J-58 Powerplant as used on the SR-71. Drawings and Photos show the engine and relationships to the Spike which prevents the engine from going supersonic. Also a link to Pratt and Whitney's Web page.
URL: ./j-58~1.htm

15. "SR-71 News and Information" - Contains news on the SR-71 and detailed information on the attempt to gain funding in Congress to keep the SR-71 flying (Unsuccessful). Also explains in detail why the SR-71 should be flying today. Documented in it's entirety for archive purposes. Lists Congressional supporters of the SR-71.
URL: ./srnews.htm

16. "Fly the SR-71...In a Simulator" - This Web Page is recollections of Phillip R. Moyer, Author. Mr. Moyer details his experiences in the SR-71 Flight Simulator at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center [DFRC] at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Permission has been granted to republish Mr. Moyer's article for inclusion on the SR-71 Blackbirds Web page. Hang onto your "D" ring and fly the SR-71 at Mach 3+
URL: ./srsim~1.htm

17. "The Oxcart Story" - This document is believed to have originated with the Central Intelligence Agency. The listed author's name is Thomas P. McIninch. It is  unclassified according to Senior Crown Security Class Guide dated 11/01/89, approved and dated 25 Feb. 91. This web page documents the very beginning of the Blackbird program and how the A12 became the successor to the U-2. Very informative.
URL: ./sroxca~1.htm

18. "Blackbird Reunion-1997" - This is the 12th Blackbird Association Reunion in Reno, Nevada with details on awards and recognition courtesy of Col. Richard Graham, USAF, (Ret.) Capt Mike Zimmerman relates on how "Streamlining Made a Difference", saving the U.S. Government $27.5 million dollars and in 1995 his team had the first reactivation aircraft ready for flight within three months of Defense appropriation funding.
URL: ./reunio~1.htm

19. "High Flight" - Aviation poem by Pilot Officer John Gillespie McGee JR. No 412 Squadron, RCAF (1922-1941). "Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth; And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings"
URL: ./highfl~1.htm

20. "SR-71 Alma Mater and Recollections Guest Book" - A CGI form for Blackbird personnel to fill out for inclusion on the Alma Mater web page concerning their experiences on the SR-71 or the Blackbird Program.
URL: ./guestbook.htm

21. "Lockheed D-21 Air Launched Drone" - The drone was designed to be a standoff reconnaissance vehicle launched from the mother ship of an A12. It was unmanned and would provide high altitude photos of unfriendly territory, keeping America abreast of developing threats. This web page has the most concise and accurate data available for this vehicle.
URL: ./d21~1.htm

22. "SR-71 Blackbird Fact Sheet" - Contains Number of Operational Sorties Flown; Hours at Mach 3+; Total Flight hours for all SR-71's. Additional information on Production Summary of all Blackbirds and Chronology of Events from first flight to last flight. A detailed section on "SR-71 BLACKBIRD WORLD RECORD FLIGHTS" with time, distance, altitude and Crew names that flew them.
URL: ./srfact~1.htm

23. "YF-12A Interceptor" - This Web Page describes in detail the Fighter that should have been made for the U.S. Air Force, however politics got in the way of production. Capable of Shooting down any aircraft with it's high altitude presence, the YF-12A was axed by the Pentagon. The whole story is here aptly described by those that worked at Lockheed on the YF-12A.
URL: ./yf12~1.htm

24. "Lockheed SR-71 Image Archive" - This is page One of Two pages that contain copyrighted images of the SR-71 taken by Lockheed Photographers. This page has 25 Thumbnail images and are click-able to enlarge. By far the best images on the Internet of the "Blackbirds". May not be reproduced in any format.
URL: ./lmcweb~2.htm

25. "Lockheed SR-71 Image Archive" - This is page two of above and contains an additional 19 Copyrighted images by Lockheed Photographers. May not be reproduced in any format
URL: ./lmcweb~1.htm

26. "Lockheed, CIA and USAF Patches" This web page is the first one of  four web pages with 68 Thumbnail images of patches associated with the Blackbirds. 20 images of patches on this page.
URL: ./patch~1.htm

27. "Lockheed, CIA and USAF Patches" Page two, 20 images of patches.
URL: ./patch0~4.htm

28. "Lockheed, CIA and USAF Patches" Page three, 20 Images of patches.
URL: ./patch0~2.htm

29. "Lockheed, CIA and USAF Patches" Page four, 8 Images of patches.
URL: ./patch0~3.htm

30. "SR-71 Schematics and Drawings" Has 13 images of drawings and cutaway views of the SR-71A and B models; the YF-12A; the M12 and the Nasa Lasre test configuration.
URL: ./schematic.html

31. "SR-71 Alma Mater and Recollections From The Past" Year 1996 and 1997 entry's. Recollections from various personnel that have either worked on the SR-71 or have been closely associated with the program through support operations.
URL: ./srre97~1.htm

32. "SR-71 Alma Mater and Recollections From The Past" Year 1998 entry's. Recollections from various personnel that have either worked on the SR-71 or have been closely associated with the program through support operations.
URL: ./srre98~1.htm

33. "SR-71 Alma Mater and Recollections From The Past" Year 1999 entry's. Recollections from various personnel that have either worked on the SR-71 or have been closely associated with the program through support operations.
URL: ./srre99~1.htm

34. "SR-71 Alma Mater and Recollections From The Past" Year 2000 entry's. Recollections from various personnel that have either worked on the SR-71 or have been closely associated with the program through support operations. 
URL: ./srre2000.html

35. "SR-71 Alma Mater and Recollections From The Past" Year 2001 entry's. Recollections from various personnel that have either worked on the SR-71 or have been closely associated with the program through support operations. 
URL: ./srre2001.html

36. "SR-71 Alma Mater and Recollections From The Past" Year 2002 entry's. Recollections from various personnel that have either worked on the SR-71 or have been closely associated with the program through support operations.
URL: ./srre2002.htm

37. "SR-71 Alma Mater and Recollections From The Past" Year 2003 entry's. Recollections from various personnel that have either worked on the SR-71 or have been closely associated with the program through support operations. Go to this link if you are qualified to Join the "Blackbird Association".
URL: ./srre2003.htm

38. "SR-71 Alma Mater and Recollections From The Past" Year 2004 entry's. Recollections from various personnel that have either worked on the SR-71 or have been closely associated with the program through support operations. Go to this link if you are qualified to Join the "Blackbird Association".
URL: ./srre2004.htm

39. "SR-71 Artists" - SR-71 Artwork by Edwin Markham, Dru Blair and Neil Hollingsworth. These are copyrighted images of their prints and can be ordered from their web sites (Links Provided).
URL: ./srart~1.htm

40. "Clarence L. "Kelly" Johnson" - A comprehensive Biography of Kelly Johnson; Lockheed's Aviation engineer genius. Designer of over 40 airframes including the Blackbird series. Contains childhood; rise to prominence; Honors and Awards from 1932 to 1984; Kelly's 14 Rules of Management; Recollections and a Lockheed link to 20 Images of Kelly.
URL: ./kelly1.htm

41. "Clarence L. "Kelly" Johnson Image Archive" - 20 Images of Kelly Johnson courtesy of Lockheed Martin Corporation. Click to enlarge Thumbnails. Copyrighted LMC.
URL: ./kelly.htm

42. "SR-71 Slide Briefing" - Contains 22 Thumbnail images of a slide briefing made up by the Strategic Air Command (SAC), USAF to brief VIP's and other personnel on some aspects of the SR-71. Thumbnails are click to enlarge and view.
URL: ./srbrief.html

43. "SR-71 Blackbirds Web Site Index" The index page you are on now.
URL: ./srindex.html

44. "The SR-71 Reconnaissance System - Executive Handbook" - This handbook is an overview of the Airplane, its achievements and its capabilities. This is page one of two containing 40 fact filled thumbnail images. First 20 handbook pages are here. Lockheed book.
URL: ./exec1.html

45. "The SR-71 Reconnaissance System - Executive Handbook" - This is page two of two containing 36 fact filled thumbnail images. Last 20 handbook pages are here. Lockheed book.
URL: ./exec2.html

46. "SR-71 Theaters of Operation" - Includes listing of various Detachment operations overseas and CONUS involving the Blackbird. Kadena AB, Okinawa; Mildenhall UK; Diego Garcia and others.
URL: ./theater.html

47. "Det 1, Kadena AB Okinawa - CIA Operations" - Data on the first CIA flights of the A12 Blackbirds over Vietnam and Korea in 1967.
URL: ./kadena.html

48. "Det 1, Kadena AB Okinawa - USAF Operations" - Beale AFB deploys the SR-71 to Kadena and assumes reconnaissance flights from the CIA. USAF History of OL-8/RK/KA/Det One. Updated May 18, 2002.
URL: ./kadena2.html

49. "Det 1, SR-71 Tail Art" - Image file of  63 photos of SR-71 "Tail Art" including Ichi-Ban; The Playboy Bunny and the Bengal Tiger art work. Updated May 18, 2002.
URL: ./tail001.html

50. "Det 4, Mildenhall, UK Operations" - SR-71 operations flown from RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom 1976-1990. Detailed account of operation "El Dorado Canyon' in 1986.
URL: ./mildenhall.html

51. "Det 4-Mildenhall, UK Photo Archive"  20 images of SR-71 operations at Det 4.
URL: ./uk001.html

52. "Det 8-Diego Garcia, B.I.O.T. & Photo Archive" - Blackbird operations from Diego Garcia in 1978-1979. Includes 30 photos courtesy of Msgt Donald J Smith, USAF, Retired. A map is included of the B.I.O.T. islands.
URL: ./dg001.html

53. "OL-Griffiss AFB, New York" - SR-71 "Black Knight" Operations from Griffiss AFB during the "Yom Kippur War" in 1973. Pilot data on the 11 hour round robin sorties flown from Griffiss and Seymour Johnson, NC to the Middle East.
URL: ./griffiss.html

54. "Bodo, Norway Recovery" - Although not a Detachment, Bodo Norway was an emergency recovery base for SR-71 European flights. Here is an account of the first recovery operation of an SR-71 at Bodo by Clarence "Skip" Hosler, an SR-71 Crew Chief that recovered  #964 in 1981. There is 25 photos of  the recovery. A map of Norway is included.
URL: ./bodo.html

55. "Bodo, Norway News Articles" -Newspaper Articles appearing in Norwegian newspapers upon the arrival of SR #964. English translation for all articles is included. URL: ./Bodo_news.htm

56. "An SR-71 Salute to the 9th Security Police Squadron" - Beale AFB, Ca. - This page has 34 thumbnail images of the 9th Security Police Squadron personnel in front of an SR-71 at Beale AFB. Images are click to enlarge.
URL: ./sps001.html

57. "Mig-25 Foxbat VS the SR-71 Blackbird" - A look at the Mig-25 and Mig-31. Includes a recap of the Soviet Pilot Lt. Belenko who landed his Mig-25 in Japan in 1976 and defected to the West .
URL: ./mig25.html

58. "9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing Commanders" - Beale AFB, California Wing Commanders From 1966 to 2000 with Biographies in frames format.
URL: ./commanders_1.htm

59. "Physiological Support Division - 9th PSD" - An article by Kevin Svetcos, A prior PSD Instructor at Beale AFB. Describes preparations and a  complete suit-up of a Blackbird crew. 
URL: ./psd01.html

60. "46 Images of a Blackbird Crew Suit-up" - This set of 46 thumbnail images depict SR-71 crew Major's Sullivan and Widdifield getting suited-up prior to the world record New York to London speed flight in 1974. Images are click to enlarge.
URL: ./psd02.html

61. "The SR-71 Pilot Full Pressure Suit" - An in-depth article by Kevin Svetcos, Physiological Support Division Instructor. Details the David Clark S1030 Pressure Suit worn by both the SR-71 and U-2 Crewmembers. Precise descriptions of each component and its function. Includes the hazards associated with aviators flying at extremely high altitudes.
URL: ./press_suit001.html

62. "Buddy Brown's Book" - A compilation of Blackbird accurate historical facts. All Crewmembers that flew are listed with dates of checkout in the Blackbird. A subset titled "Milestones" contains numerous facts. Ben Rich's "SR-71 Retirement Ceremony" speech at Beale AFB in 1990 is included. Book written by Buddy L. Brown, SR-71 Pilot.
URL: ./bb_book.htm

63. "The D-21B Image Archive": Contains 50 images of the manufacture of the B-52H Pylon; Buildup of the D-21 drone; Marquardt Ramjet engine tests and final mating of the D-21B drone to the B-52H Stratofortress. Thumbnails are click to enlarge. URL: ./d21b001.html

64. "World Speed and Altitude Records-1976": Documents the Record flights flown in July of 1976 by three SR-71 crews establishing new world records for Speed and Altitude. Contains 21 Images taken at Beale AFB, California.
URL: ./spd_run001.html

65. "Blackbird Association Reunion-2001": Main Page for events at the Blackbird Reunion held in Reno, Nevada on June 8-10, 2001. Thirteen images of the Awards and Presentations. URL: ./reunion2001.htm

66. "Reunion-2001 Banquet Photos": 56 Photos of the Banquet Seating of the 416 Blackbirds attending the event. URL: ./Banquet2001.html

67. "Reunion-2001 Slide Show" Page 1 of 4: 40 slide images of Blackbird people and events that was shown at the reunion. URL: ./S_Show001.html
68. "Reunion-2001 Slide Show" Page 2 of 4: 40 slide images of Blackbird people and events that was shown at the reunion. URL: ./S_Show002.html
69. "Reunion-2001 Slide Show" Page 3 of 4: 40 slide images of Blackbird people and events that was shown at the reunion. URL: ./S_Show003.html
70. "Reunion-2001 Slide Show" Page 4 of 4: 40 slide images of Blackbird people and events that was shown at the reunion. URL: ./S_Show004.html

71. "Aerotech Article on the Blackbird Reunion-2001": Written by Connie Pardew. URL: ./Aerotech.htm

72. "Other Photos of the Reunion-2001": People, Exhibits and Vendors.
URL: ./other_photos.html

73. "Blackbird Association Reunion-2005": The Blackbird Associated hosted the 16th Reunion June 09-12th of 2005 at the Nugget Hotel in Reno, Nevada. This web page recaps events, awards and speakers attending the memorable event. Included are 50 thumbnail photos taken during the Banquet and in the hospitality suite. Info is also available on how to join the Blackbird Association.  URL:./2005_blackbird_reunion.htm

74. "Blackbird Flight Crews": 60 Crewmember photos. Page One of Two Pages. 
URL: ./crews001.html

75. "Blackbird Flight Crews": 66 Crewmember Photos. Page Two of Two Pages.
URL: ./crews002.html

76. "Phil Loignon's SR-71 Photo Archive": 68 Photos from the personal collection of Phil Loignon, RSO. These depict the early days of the 1st/99th SRS activities.
URL: ./Loignon.html

77. "The Early Days of the Blackbirds": Photos and recollections of the early days of the SR-71; 4200th SRW at Beale AFB, Ca. URL: ./srrandom.htm

78. "An American Patriot Speaks Out": Brian Shul, an SR-71 Pilot reflects on the current state of events in a recent Veterans Day speech at March ARB, Ca. Read his speech at this URL: ./brian_shul.htm

79. "Dual SR-71 launches at Kadena AB, Okinawa": Lex Davis, an ECM Tech submitted these photos of a dual launch at Kadena in 1978 and also his artwork of caricatures that was on the various maintenance doors. URL: ./davis_page.html

80. "FSR's Trip Reports": A chronological listing of SR-71 Diversions to other Air Force Bases due to in-flight emergency's. Web page covers 20 years from 1966 to 1986. URL: ./triplog66_86.htm

81. "Altitude Chamber (Hypobaric) Training": An article by Kevin Svetcos, PSD instructor on the Altitude Chamber and aviation hazards associated with hypoxia. Terry Pappas, SR-71 pilot relates how he became hypoxic on a training flight in 1986. URL: ./Alt_Chamber.htm

82. "40th Anniversary-Blackbirds Laurels Event": An article by Connie Pardew, Aerotech Magazine on the Roadrunners 40th Anniversary. The event included Laurel Awards that went to 25 distinguished individuals-Each a legend in their own time. URL: ./blackbird_laurels.htm

83. "Sled Driver: The Limited Edition": Check out Brian Shul's new book. Order and reserve your copy One of 3500 limited editions. URL: ./sled_driver.htm

84. "In-Flight loss of the M21 Blackbird with the D21 Drone": New page (10/27/2002) with images taken from film shot by Keith Beswick who was flying along side the M-21 and recorded the collision of the D21 into the M21 Blackbird at Mach 3. Includes 16 photos of the collision with data. URL: ./M21_Crash.htm

85. MPEG Movie of the M21/D21 accident is available: You can download this movie to your computer. The file size is 16.7 MB (16,648KB) and depending on the speed of your modem connection, may be a lengthy download. Here is the URL for the M21/D21 Accident movie: URL: ./MD21_accident.mpg

86. "SR-71 Blackbird: Stories, Tales and Legends": A new book by Richard Graham, Col. (USAF), Ret. A collection of stories by crewmembers from the CIA days through the Cold War and into the Blackbird's retirement. Fascinating reading. Go here for cover shots, my review and ordering information. URL: ./Graham001.htm

87. "SR-71 and YF12A Flight Manuals": A reprint of the Flight Manuals for these two aircraft is available here at this URL: ./Flt_Manual.htm

88. "Supplement to Buddy Brown's Book": David Allison, Webmaster at Habu.Org has formatted Buddy Brown's Book on every person that flew a Blackbird into a searchable database. Now you can go directly to this page and look up the date a crew member including NASA crews qualified. You can also dispel or verify a politicians claim to fame if he stated "I flew a Blackbird". My hat is off to David for this time consuming and extensive project. URL: ./Supp_BBook.htm

89. "SR-71 Screensaver": Now you can download a great Blackbird Screensaver that contains 170 images. There is a Free Trial and a Full version available. Go here for details or to download or order: ./Screensaver.htm

90. "SR-71 Construction": This new web page consists of 25 images embedded in a "flip book" applet of the construction of the Blackbirds at the Lockheed Burbank plant in the early 1960's. Check it out at this URL: ./sr_construction.htm

91. "Blackbird Art Print by John Shaw": The Blackbird Association has unveiled a superb print titled "Outrun the Thunder" by John Shaw. The print contains over 30 signatures of crewmembers. The print and order information is available at this URL: ./shaw_print.htm

92. "SR-71 Start Cart: AG-330": Photos and narration on the Buick/Chevrolet 454's used to start the Blackbirds J-58 engines.  URL: ./ag330_sr.htm

93. "SR-71 Takeoff; Touch & Go; Landing": Added a new MPEG movie to the Video Archives (Aug 29, 2003). 61MB file size (DSL or Broadband Only). Movie Length is 4 Min; 51 Sec. URL: ./TO_Touch_Go.mpg

94. "The Last SR-71 Flight from Det 1, Kadena AB, Okinawa": The video was shot and narrated by Russ Maheras,  ECM,  9th SRW. This is the actual Preflight and 5AM launch on 21 January 1990 of SR-71 #962. Contains Maintenance Ground Crew preflights; Buddy Crew setting up the cockpits; crew boarding, engine start, taxi and takeoff. Available on DVD special order due to length of video. Go Here to Order: ./PayPal_Order.htm

95. "U OUGHTA", The Biography of William M. (Bill) Gornik, CMSgt, USAF, (Ret). The result is a book 9 by 11 inches and 1 inch thick with 257 pages including over 100 photos (B&W and color). As many of you are aware, Bill's contribution to the Blackbird program over the years is certainly one of dedication and professionalism. He was proud to be inducted into the Blackbird Laurels Society on behalf of all the enlisted men. Here is his life story with a table of contents and ordering information. URL: ./Gornik.htm

96. "Blackbird Books and Memorabilia" A new web page listing all books reviewed on this web site. Contains links to the books as well as Art Prints, Screensaver, Movies; Blackbird DVD's and SR-71 Memorabilia gift items. All items can be ordered through their respective link page. URL: ./blackbird_books.htm

97. "SR-71 Movie & Screensaver Order Form" Print out this page if ordering by US mail the SR-71 Screensaver; SR-71 Movie Screensaver or DVD's of the movies "Blackbird Tribute" which includes 6 movies; "Touch and Go" and SR-71 Retirement Ceremony at Beale AFB. All funds go to promote and maintain the "SR-71 Blackbirds" web site you are now visiting. Go Here to Order: ./Screensaver_Form.htm

98. "PayPal Secure Order for DVD Movies and Screensavers" Now you can order the DVD's and the Screensavers with your PayPal account or any Credit Card using PayPal's secure ordering web pages. Go here to select DVD Movies or Screensavers and add them to your shopping cart. All proceeds go to support and maintain the SR-71 Blackbirds website. It's fast and no hassle. Thank you for your support. URL: ./PayPal_Order.htm

99. "Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Clause": Check out David Burns' SR-71 personal photo collection of 22 Images at this URL: ./david_burns.htm

100. "Conny Seagroves Memorial Page": Jenny Dunn, daughter of Conrad Seagroves, RSO on the Blackbirds, has contributed her fathers photo scrapbook for posting on this web site. Included are photos of the early days. Circa is late 1960's and includes 35 Crew Member photos. URL: ./Seagroves.htm

101. "The Incredible Blackbirds are Operational": Movie added to the SR-71 movie web page. This 14 minute film was shot by the U.S. Air Force in 1968 when the SR-71 became operational at Kadena AB, Okinawa (Det 1). The movie file is 37MB and is in a streaming Windows Movie Video (wmv) format. You need Microsoft Widows Media Player to download and view the movie. To download and view the movie, click the link: ./BB_Operational.wmv

102. The 2005 Blackbird Reunion PowerPoint Presentation is available: The 35 minute PowerPoint Presentation shown at the 2005 Blackbird Reunion Banquet can be purchased. The Presentation includes a 25 year history of the SR-71 and U-2 Blackbird Achievements;  a 14 minute movie presentation of the SR-71 takeoff, touch and go's, landing; refueling with a KC-135Q tanker and close-up aerial SR-71 in flight including afterburners lighting. This CD-ROM also contains a Microsoft (TM) PowerPoint Reader than can be installed on your computer if you do not have PowerPoint. Go here to order or to browse the DVD order page: ./PayPal_Order.htm

103. A Tribute to Major General Douglas T. Nelson: This web page is dedicated to the legacy of former Commander of the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing at Beale AFB in California. General Nelson formed up the first cadre of Pilots and RSO's to fly the SR-71. He established the 9th SRW with a Strategic Air Command commitment of global reconnaissance, maintaining world peace through surveillance. Go here to review his dedication and achievements to the success of the Blackbird Programs: URL: ./Nelson_Tribute.htm

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