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Please fill out the following form to order your SR-71 Screensaver; Movie Screensaver or DVD Movies via US Postal Mail. After completion, send this form to your printer and mail the form along with your check or money order in the correct amount to:

Leland Haynes

34145 E. Lacomb Rd.

Lebanon, Oregon 97355

All funds go to sustain and promote the "SR-71 Blackbirds" web site. Thank You.

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QTY DESCRIPTION (Price Includes USPS Shipping)
SR-71 Screensaver with 170 Images of the Blackbird - $20.00 US
SR-71 Movie Screensaver (Blackbird Tribute and Touch & Go) - $20.00 US
Both of the two Screensaver above - $30.00 US
Master SR-71 DVD with 6 Movies (DVD-R format) - $25.00 US
SR-71 Retirement Ceremony DVD (DVD-R format) - $20.00 US
Both DVD's (SR-71 Master & Retirement) (DVD-R format) - $40.00 US
Blackbird Reunion 2007 DVD Presentation - $25.00 US
Blackbird Reunion 2005 PowerPoint  Presentation (CD-ROM) - $25.00 US
SHIPPING (Ignore if same as above)
Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code

DVD Contents:

DVD #1: Blackbird Tribute; Takeoff, Touch and Go, Landing; YF12; MD-21 Mid-Air Crash; Last SR-71 Flight from Kadena AB, Okinawa; NASA SR-71 Air Refueling. Total movie length is 45 minutes.

DVD #2: SR-71 Retirement Ceremony. Movie length is 28 minutes.

After completion of this form, print out a copy and mail with the correct funds to the address above. 


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