Listing of all Personnel who Flew the Blackbirds

Bob Gilliland, First Pilot to fly an SR-71

The following data lists all personnel who qualified to fly the Blackbirds. The listing is from the first person to fly the aircraft to the last person qualified. The listing includes all RSO's and VIP's that flew in the aircraft. This original data was derived from Buddy Brown's Book and has been expanded upon by David Allison, webmaster at Habu.Org. He has diligently researched and verified those entries contained below. As time goes on and data becomes available, this web page will be updated. This page should verify any rumors as to

 The "Wannabe" who said he flew a Blackbird

The Data Base is Searchable in its entirety

Special thanks to Buddy Brown and David Allison for their diligent efforts on this web page.

Update 2010

Buddy Brown in 2010 has taken his Historical documentation of Crewmember Qualifications and revised it. Buddy used his original document and with David Allison's searchable database information combined the two to make two new documents. The three formats are:

Master list (original) Supp_BBook.htm
Alphabetical Supp_BBook_Pg1.htm
Category (Eng, LCO, RSO, Pilot, etc) Supp_BBook_Pg2.htm

Last updated: 17 June 2024

Alphabetical Listing:

Number Name Rank At Checkout Category Initial Flt Date Current Status
Last Mi First
  A           A
184 Abrams   Richard AF/Civ Eng 12-Sep-67 Deceased
262 Adams   Harold Capt Pilot 18-Oct-72  
187 Agan C Arthur Lt Gen VIP 12-Oct-67 Deceased
395 Aldridge Sec/AF Edward   VIP 22-Sep-82  
294 Alison M Thomas Capt Pilot 28-May-75 Deceased
390 Allen CS/AF Lew Gen VIP 4-Jun-82 Deceased
215 Allender J Reverdy Capt Pilot 9-Dec-68  
249 Allocca R Thomas Capt RSO 9-Dec-71 Deceased
223 Anderson E James Col Staff 4-Jun-69 Deceased
300 Anderson B Andrew L/G VIP 26-Sep-75  
23 Andre   George ADP RSO 16-Jun-65  
102 Andre   Daniel Lt Col FCO 14-Jan-65  
21 Archer   John Hughes FCO 14-Apr-65  
351 Augustin J Calvin Capt Pilot 17-May-79  
  B           B
434 Badham Cong Robert Cong VIP 30-Apr-86 Deceased
* Barnett Larry Mr/NASA VIP 11-Oct-73  
129 Barrett S Burton Lt Col CIA/Staff 18-Feb-66 Deceased
468 Barthelemy   Robert   VIP 26-Jun-92  
302 Beckel D Robert Col Staff 11-Nov-75  
110 Beezley G Jacques Lt Col Pilot 2-Aug-65 Deceased
397 Behler F Robert Maj Pilot 2-Nov-82  
24 Belgau A Steven ADP RSO 17-Jun-65 Deceased
200 Bellis N Benjamin Col VIP 'Feb 68 Deceased
122 Bennett Frenchy Dumont Col Pilot 16-May-66 Deceased
364 Berg R Dennis Capt Pilot 26-Aug-80  
422 Bergam E Thomas Maj RSO 7-Apr-85  
22 Beswick   Keith ADP LCO 1-Feb-63  
355 Bertelson M Gilbert Capt Pilot 27-Dec-79 Deceased
336 Bethart J Edgar Capt RSO 16-Jun-78  
158 Bevacqua P Tony Maj Pilot 17-Nov-66  
288 Billingsley A John Maj RSO 27-Dec-74 Deceased
239 Blackwell T Reginald Capt RSO 2-Jan-71 Deceased
255 Bledsoe   Pat Maj Pilot 7-Jun-72  
108 Bock C Charles Maj Pilot 3-Jun-65 Deceased
148 Boggess L Lawrence Capt RSO 9-Sep-66 Deceased
26 Bohanan   Larry ADP Eng 18-Jun-65 Deceased
465 Bohn-Meyer   Marta Ms/NASA FE 3-Oct-91 Deceased
154 Boone M Earl Capt Pilot 22-Nov-66  
463 Borling L John M/G Staff 20-Jul-89  
400 Boudreaux P Stormy Maj Pilot 3-Feb-83  
304 Bower J Richard Col Staff 12-Dec-75  
132 Bowles   Ben Maj Pilot 13-Jun-66 Deceased
176 Boynton B John Col Staff 29-Jun-67 Deceased
431 Bozek L Blair Capt RSO 22-Jan-86  
119 Braeden H Cecil Lt Col RSO 19-Apr-66  
170 Branham K Ruel Capt RSO 18-May-67 Deceased
350 Brashear 14AD/CC John B/G VIP 23-Apr-79 Deceased
141 Brown L Buddy Maj Pilot 18-Aug-66 Deceased
322 Brown 14AD/CC Bill M/G VIP '1977 Deceased
443 Brown   Larry Maj Pilot 23-Dec-86  
386 Buckman SAC/DO Louis M/G VIP 10-Apr-82  
203 Budzinski L Norbert Capt RSO 15-Apr-68  
174 Bull M George Maj Pilot 19-Jun-67 Deceased
274 Bulloch C Donald Capt RSO 21-Nov-73  
128 Burgeson E Harold Maj Pilot 24-Jun-65 Deceased
388 Burk   William Capt Pilot 21-Apr-82  
301 Burkhart W John M/G VIP 24-Oct-75 Deceased
478 Burpee A Richard LtGen VIP 5-Aug-88  
232 Bush K Dennis Capt Pilot 21-Apr-70  
14 Byland   Tony Hughes FCO 3-Dec-64 Deceased
204 Byrnes A Donn Maj Eng 18-Apr-68 Deceased
429 Byron Cong Beverly Cong VIP 18-Nov-85 Deceased
  C           C
134 Campbell J William Maj Pilot 13-Jul-66 Deceased
185 Campbell I Robert Capt Pilot 12-Sep-67 Deceased
354 Cannon Senator Howard Senator VIP 18-Jan-80 Deceased
240 Carlton 15AF/CC Paul Lt Gen VIP 2-Mar-71 Deceased
175 Carnochan F John Capt RSO 23-Jun-67 Deceased
309 Carpenter W Adelbert Capt Pilot 9-Jul-76  
444 Carter E Keith Maj RSO 20-Feb-87  
171 Casey A Thomas Maj Staff 25-May-67 Deceased
190 Catton 15AF/CC Jack Lt Gen VIP 9-Oct-67 Deceased
375 Chain T John M/G VIP 15-Jul-81  
198 Chapman E Harold Lt Col RSO 16-Jan-68  
284 Cirino B Alan Capt Pilot 26-Aug-74  
380 Coats L Robert Capt RSO 3-Dec-81  
226 Cobb W Darrel Maj Pilot 10-Nov-69 Deceased
196 Coleman L Gary Maj RSO Dec-67 Deceased
6 Collins S Kenneth Civ CIA/BS 6-Feb-63 Deceased
143 Collins Pete Charles Capt Pilot 10-Aug-66 Deceased
213 Collins S Kenneth Lt Col Pilot 17-Nov-68 Deceased
164 Confer E Harold Capt Pilot 11-Apr-67 Deceased
317 Conner B James Honorable VIP '1976 Deceased
312 Cooke   Gerald B/G VIP '1976  
104 Cooney P James Capt FCO 20-Feb-65 Deceased
168 Crew L Jerald Maj RSO 15-May-67 Deceased
452 Crittenden N Gregory Capt Pilot 21-Dec-87  
306 Crowder W Robert Maj Pilot 1-Apr-76  
242 Cunningham H Robert Capt Pilot 5-May-71 Deceased
361 Cunningham N Nevin Maj Pilot 22-May-80  
282 Currie R Malcolm Honorable VIP 1-Jul-74 Deceased
237 Curtis A Billy Maj RSO 17-Nov-70  
  D           D
469 Dailey USMC John Gen VIP 25-Feb-94  
329 Dana   Bill Mr/NASA Pilot 1-Dec-77 Deceased
32 Daniell   Rus ADP VIP 7-Jul-66 Deceased
105 Daniel F Walter Maj Pilot 14-Apr-65 Deceased
433 Danielson J Thomas Maj Pilot 21-Apr-86  
179 Daubs E Charles Maj Pilot 24-Jul-67  
379 Davis CINC Bennie Gen VIP 5-Nov-81 Deceased
427 Davidson   Alexander M/G Staff 23-Oct-85  
416 Deal B/G AD Duane Capt Pilot 12-Sep-84  
140 Dempster P David Capt RSO 19-Apr-66 Deceased
298 Dethlefsen H Merlyn Col VIP 24-Jun-75 Deceased
169 Devall S Larry Maj Pilot 9-May-67 Deceased
382 Dornan Cong Robert Cong VIP 8-Feb-82  
308 Dougherty CINC Russell Gen VIP 24-Jun-76 Deceased
269 Douglass S Bruce Capt RSO 27-Mar-73 Deceased
131 Drake S Norman Lt Col RSO 7-Jun-66 Deceased
421 Dyckman R William Maj Pilot 13-Mar-85  
383 Dyer R Leslie Maj Pilot 5-Feb-82  
  E           E
3 Eastham   Jim ADP Pilot 3-Feb-63 Deceased
10 Edgar   Larry ADP Eng Feb-64 Deceased
265 Elliott A Larry Capt RSO 17-Jan-73  
290 Ellis J Billy M/G VIP 12-Feb-75 Deceased
292 Emmons R Donald Capt RSO 17-Mar-75 Deceased
331 Enevoldson K Einar Mr/NASA Pilot 13-Dec-77 Deceased
472 Engel L Richard M/G VIP 14-Dec-95  
210 Estes B Thomas Maj Pilot 24-Jul-68 Deceased
450 Estes 14AD/CC Howell M. III B/G VIP 5-Nov-87  
112 Evenson L Mervin Maj Pilot 2-Sep-65 Deceased
  F           F
120 Fagg W James Capt RSO 22-Apr-66 Deceased
423 Farrington 14AD/CC John B/G Staff 4-Jun-85 Deceased
253 Felices E Salvador M/G VIP 24-Mar-72 Deceased
325 Fenimore W John Col Staff 13-Oct-77 Deceased
454 Finan J Michael Maj RSO 28-Jan-88  
357 Fishburne A Frank Mr VIP 12-Mar-80 Deceased
365 Flanagan   Bill Maj/AFLC RSO 10-Sep-80  
456 Folkes E Robert Capt RSO 24-Mar-88  
296 Frazier J William Maj/AFLC RSO 4-Oct-75  
407 Freese V George Col Staff 19-Sep-83  
199 Fruehauf E David Capt Pilot 9-Feb-68 Deceased
453 Fuhrman   Tom Maj/AFLC RSO 21-Jan-88  
27 Fulkerson   Glen ADP Eng 14-Dec-65 Deceased
259 Fuller T John Capt RSO 9-Mar-72  
471 Fullerton C Gordon Mr/NASA Staff 17-Nov-94 Deceased
228 Fulton L Fitzhugh Mr/NASA Pilot 4-Mar-70 Deceased
  G           G
227 Gantt L Myron Capt RSO 30-Dec-69 Deceased
476 Garrison   Bert Maj Pilot 24-Jun-97  
293 Gavin J Herbert M/G VIP 7-Aug-75 Deceased
209 Gerard C Richard Maj Pilot 21-Jun-68 Deceased
261 Gersten H Mark Maj RSO 1-Aug-72  
4 Gilliland   Bob ADP Pilot 5-Jan-64 Deceased
305 Gilmore G William Capt Pilot 30-Dec-75  
368 Glasser T Gerald Maj Pilot 19-Nov-80  
221 Goldwater Senator Barry Senator VIP 2-Apr-69 Deceased
291 Graham H Richard Capt Pilot 27-Feb-75  
13 Greenamyer   Darryl ADP Pilot 1964 Deceased
384 Greenwood   Daniel Capt RSO 9-Mar-82 Deceased
446 Greenwood F James Capt RSO 23-Apr-87  
461 Grimes   Bill Col Staff 19-Jan-89 Deceased
319 Groninger G William Maj Pilot 24-Mar-77 Deceased
445 Grzebiniak   Steven Capt Pilot 13-Mar-87  
435 Gudmundson   Stanley Maj RSO 20-May-86  
247 Gunther D Caroll Maj Pilot 24-Nov-71 Deceased
  H           H
315 Hails E Robert L/G VIP 4-Nov-76 Deceased
207 Hain A Harlon Lt Col Pilot 27-May-68 Deceased
252 Haller A Carl Capt Pilot 25-Feb-72 Deceased
138 Halloran J Patrick Maj Pilot 4-Aug-66 Deceased
462 Halsell   Jim Maj Pilot 11-Apr-89  
250 Harris S Edgar B/G Staff 4-Dec-71 Deceased
205 Hartman   Bruce Maj RSO 27-May-68  
366 Hartz   Jim Mr VIP 28-Aug-80  
377 Hatch 14AD/CC Monroe B/G VIP 5-Nov-81  
118 Haupt   Ray Lt Col Pilot 13-Feb-63 Deceased
159 Hayes P William Col Staff 27-Feb-67 Deceased
191 Heidelbaugh   Gary Capt RSO 20-Oct-67  
264 Helt C Robert Capt Pilot 3-Jan-73  
109 Henderson   Vern Col Pilot 20-Jul-65  
391 Henichek J Thomas Capt RSO 23-Jun-82  
233 Hertzog B Randolph Capt Pilot 31-Aug-70  
346 Hesburgh M Theodore Reverend VIP 28-Feb-79 Deceased
113 Hichew L Alan Maj Pilot 18-Nov-65 Deceased
392 Hocker 14AD/CC Jesse B/G VIP 19-Aug-82 Deceased
126 Holbury J Robert Col CIA/Staff 2-Jul-65 Deceased
186 Holloway CINC Bruce Gen VIP 4-Oct-67 Deceased
442 Hopkins Cong Larry Cong VIP 14-Nov-86  
370 Hornbaker M David Capt RSO 18-Dec-80  
243 Horton W Victor Mr/NASA RSO 22-Mar-71  
430 House E Dan Maj Pilot 4-Dec-85  
202 Hudson W James Maj Pilot 15-Mar-68 Deceased
107 Hurley D Kenneth Maj RSO 28-Apr-65 Deceased
  I           I
396 Iosue P Andrew L/G VIP 5-Nov-82  
348 Ishmael D Stephen Mr/NASA Pilot 29-Mar-79  
  J           J
280 Jacks L Roger Capt RSO 8-May-74  
139 Jarvis J Mort Capt RSO 4-Aug-66  
142 Jensen J David Capt RSO 18-Aug-66  
342 Jewett F Calvin L/C AFLC Pilot 7-Nov-78  
393 Jiggens M James Capt Pilot 19-Aug-82 Deceased
266 Joersz W Eldon Capt Pilot 30-Jan-73  
0 Johnson CL Kelly ADP VIP 27-Aug-63 Deceased
439 Johnson SAC/DO Hansford M/G VIP 10-Oct-86 Deceased
245 Judkin T Monty Capt Pilot 5-May-71  
358 Judson W Richard Capt Pilot 24-Mar-80 Deceased
  K           K
189 Kardong Abe Gabriel Maj Pilot 17-Oct-67 Deceased
289 Keck VCINC James L/G VIP 13-Dec-74 Deceased
326 Keck J Thomas Capt Pilot 31-Oct-77  
161 Keller G Richard Maj RSO 17-Mar-67 Deceased
314 Keller C William Capt RSO 15-Sep-76  
459 Keller 14AD/CC Kenneth B/G Staff 8-Sep-88 Deceased
352 Kelly K Frank Maj RSO 25-Jun-79  
* Kelly John CIA/Staff 1963  
182 Kendrick J William Capt RSO 30-Aug-67 Deceased
146 Kennon   Jack Maj Pilot 27-May-66 Deceased
316 Kidder M Lyman Col Staff 12-Nov-76 Deceased
279 Kinego C Joseph Capt Pilot 22-Apr-74  
475 Knutson   Marty Mr/NASA Staff 17-Apr-97 Deceased
195 Kogler A James Maj RSO 15-Dec-67 Deceased
192 Kraus P Jon Maj RSO 27-Oct-67 Deceased
330 Krier E Gary Mr/NASA Pilot 9-Dec-77  
  L           L
283 Laberge B Walter Honorable VIP 1-Jul-74 Deceased
12 Larsen   Torrey ADP Eng Feb-64 Deceased
373 Lawrence A David Capt RSO 28-Apr-81  
194 Lawson E William Maj Pilot 7-Dec-67  
28 Layton Jack Ronald CIA CIA/BS 15-Apr-65 Deceased
222 Layton J Jack Lt Col Staff 15-Apr-65 Deceased
360 Leavitt R Lloyd L/G VIP 8-May-80 Deceased
* Ledford   Jack Col CIA/Staff 1-Mar-63 Deceased
413 Lee M Stephen Capt RSO 18-Jan-84  
137 Lewis L Russell Lt Col RSO 28-Jul-66  
285 Liebman L Bruce Capt RSO 17-Sep-74  
410 Light 15AF/CC James L/G VIP 23-Nov-83 Deceased
387 Liss L Lonnie Col Staff 16-Apr-82 Deceased
173 Locke M Robert Capt RSO 8-Jun-67 Deceased
153 Loignon G Phillip Capt RSO 10-Nov-66  
246 Lukeman F Robert B/G VIP 13-Nov-71 Deceased
378 Luloff I Gary Capt Pilot 3-Nov-81 Deceased
180 Lusby A William Maj Eng 15-Aug-67 Deceased
  M           M
263 Machorek C William Capt RSO 1-Nov-72  
341 MacKean C Barry Maj RSO 8-Sep-78  
409 Madison E Jack Capt Pilot 7-Oct-83  
193 Maier J Lothar Maj Pilot 17-Nov-67 Deceased
230 Mallick L Donald Mr/NASA Pilot 10-Apr-70  
117 Mallozzi Coz Cosimo Capt RSO 2-Dec-65 Deceased
328 Manke   John Mr/NASA Pilot 1-Dec-77 Deceased
123 Manson B Hugh B/G VIP May-66 Deceased
437 Manzi D John Capt RSO 14-Jul-86  
188 Martin K William Lt Gen VIP 20-Oct-67 Deceased
197 Martinez   Gilbert Maj RSO 22-Dec-67 Deceased
162 Mathers E Donald Maj RSO 24-Mar-67 Deceased
340 Mathis C Robert L/G VIP 1978 Deceased
403 Matthews E Joseph Maj Pilot 29-Jun-83  
166 McCallum K Brian Maj Pilot 5-May-67 Deceased
447 McCleary R Thomas Maj Pilot 3-Aug-87  
426 McConnell B Robert Col Staff 25-Jul-85  
372 McCrary S Richard Capt Pilot 8-Apr-81  
394 McCue J Joseph Capt RSO 24-Sep-82 Deceased
440 McKendree C Warren Maj Pilot 29-Sep-86  
367 McKim   E D Capt RSO 5-Nov-80  
268 McLaughlin   George M/G VIP 'Feb 73 Deceased
211 McLean G Charles Maj RSO 19-Jul-68 Deceased
270 McLucas L John Dr/Sec AF VIP 6-Sep-73 Deceased
332 McMurtry C Thomas Mr/NASA Pilot 14-Dec-77  
467 McMurtry   Tom Mr/NASA Staff 4-Jun-92  
178 McNeer Red Charles Maj RSO 17-Jul-67 Deceased
287 Melton L Albert B/G VIP    
466 Meyer R Robert Mr/NASA FE 9-Oct-91  
16 Miller RL Dick ADP Eng 16-Feb-65 Deceased
385 Miller VCINC George L/G VIP 19-Mar-82  
183 Minter F Charles Col Staff 6-Sep-67 Deceased
31 Moeller E Kenneth ADP RSO 6-Oct-65  
212 Moeller G Ted Maj Pilot 30-Sep-68 Deceased
303 Moore   Otis M/G VIP 10-Dec-75 Deceased
241 Morgan T George Capt RSO 3-Mar-71 Deceased
307 Morgan G John Capt RSO 21-Apr-76 Deceased
419 Morgan A Charles Capt RSO 14-Jan-85  
347 Mullins P James L/G VIP 29-Mar-79  
286 Murphy J Justin Capt Pilot 24-Oct-74  
311 Murphy E John Capt RSO 29-Jul-76  
381 Murphy 15AF/CC John L/G VIP 8-Jan-82 Deceased
33 Murray J Francis CIA CIA/BS 25-Jun-67 Deceased
  N           N
136 Nelson T Douglas Col Pilot 13-Feb-63 Deceased
401 Newgreen F Walter Capt RSO 7-Mar-83  
418 Noll M Duane Capt Pilot 14-Dec-84  
  O           O
477 Ochotorena   Dom Maj RSO 25-Jun-97  
150 O'Malley F Jerome Maj Pilot 20-Oct-66 Deceased
411 Orcutt D William Maj RSO 9-Nov-83  
406 Osterheld D Curt Capt RSO 11-Aug-83  
236 Owen W Roy Lt Col Staff 9-Oct-70 Deceased
  P           P
436 Pappas B Terry Maj Pilot 17-Jun-86  
2 Park   Bill ADP Pilot 21-Jun-62 Deceased
18 Parsons   George Hughes FCO 24-Feb-65 Deceased
121 Payne R William Maj RSO 26-Apr-66  
151 Payne Dale Edward Capt RSO 20-Oct-66 Deceased
201 Payne R Allen Capt RSO 27-Mar-68 Deceased
225 Payne R William Col VIP 18-Sep-69 Deceased
324 Peck G Earl M/G VIP Oct 1977 Deceased
449 Peek VCINC Kenneth L/G VIP 15-Oct-87 Deceased
135 Pennington N Albert Capt RSO 13-Jul-66  
* Perkins   Cy   CIA/Staff 1963 Deceased
130 Perkins L Roland Lt Col Pilot 19-Apr-66  
333 Peters M David Maj Pilot 30-Dec-77  
17 Peterson   Art ADP Pilot 20-Feb-65 Deceased
133 Peterson L Harold Lt Col RSO 24-Jun-66 Deceased
408 Pinsky H David Col Staff 22-Sep-83 Deceased
272 Pittman 14AD/CC Don B/G VIP 20-Sep-73 Deceased
271 Pitts 15AF/CC William Lt Gen VIP 6-Jul-73 Deceased
313 Plummer W James Mr VIP '1976 Deceased
177 Powell M Robert Maj Pilot 5-Jul-67 Deceased
251 Price Cong Robert   VIP 12-Feb-72 Deceased
229 Pugh S Thomas Maj Pilot 11-Mar-70 Deceased
473 Purifoy D Dana Mr/NASA Staff 7-Sep-96  
220 Pyne   E L Maj Pilot 10-Mar-69  
  Q - R           Q - R
362 Quist R Gene Capt RSO 16-Jun-80  
260 Ransom B Leland Capt Pilot 14-Jul-72  
15 Ray L Walter Civ CIA 10-Feb-63 Deceased
276 Reed G Jackie Lt Col VIP 23-Jan-74 Deceased
323 Reid   Jay Capt RSO 22-Sep-77  
208 Rhude   Don Maj RSO 23-May-68  
231 Rice C Ronnie Maj RSO 15-Apr-70 Deceased
125 Richardson   Ralph Lt Col Staff 26-May-66  
295 Riedenauer   Robert Maj/AFLC Pilot 5-Jun-75 Deceased
310 Roberts W John L/G VIP 29-Jul-76 Deceased
160 Roeteisonender   Robert Capt RSO 15-Mar-67 Deceased
124 Rogers   Joe Lt Col Pilot 19-May-66 Deceased
256 Rogers C Cletius Maj RSO 27-Jun-72  
371 Ropelewske   Robert Mr VIP '1981 Deceased
273 Rosenberg   Maury Capt Pilot 6-Nov-73  
404 Ross W Ted Capt RSO 1-Jul-83  
275 Rupard   Hal Lt Col Staff 23-Jan-74  
  S           S
278 Samay S Raphael Lt Col Staff 5-Mar-74 Deceased
438 Savarada S James Col Staff 9-Sep-86  
7 Scalise   Ray Hughes FCO 21-Dec-64  
1 Schalk W Louis ADP Pilot 26-Apr-62 Deceased
167 Scheuer C James Lt Col Staff 25-Mar-67  
114 Schmittou W Tom Capt RSO 18-Nov-65  
470 Schneider   Ed Mr/NASA Pilot 18-Oct-94  
* Schrecengost W Ray LtCol Staff 1965 Deceased
451 Schreiber R Donald Col Staff 7-Dec-87  
34 Scott J Russell Civ CIA 1-Apr-67  
144 Seagroves Conrad Jean Capt RSO 10-Aug-66 Deceased
235 Selberg L Ronald Maj RSO 23-Oct-70  
238 Sewell H George Maj Pilot 13-Dec-70  
335 Shadburn H Ted Col VIP 15-May-78 Deceased
458 Shade   Briggs Capt RSO 19-Apr-88  
327 Shaw J Timothy Capt RSO 22-Nov-77  
116 Sheffield   Richard Capt RSO 30-Nov-65 Deceased
441 Shelhorse P Randy Maj RSO 12-Nov-86  
147 Shelton Dale Franklin Capt Pilot 9-Sep-66 Deceased
214 Shelton H James Maj Pilot 4-Aug-68  
337 Shelton M Lee Maj Pilot 18-Jul-78 Deceased
165 Shoemaker L Clyde Capt RSO 10-Apr-67 Deceased
299 Shotts 15AF/CC Bryan L/G VIP 19-Sep-75 Deceased
414 Shul   Brian Maj Pilot 10-Jul-84 Deceased
460 Shuler 8thAF/CC Ellie L/G VIP 21-Dec-88  
281 Sitton B Ray M/G VIP 21-Jun-74 Deceased
402 Skantze A Lawrence L/G VIP 1-Jul-83 Deceased
5 Skliar L Bill Civ CIA 4-Feb-63 Deceased
149 Skliar L Bill Lt Col Pilot 24-Aug-66 Deceased
127 Slater Slip Hugh CIA CIA/Staff 30-Jun-65 Deceased
224 Slay D Alton B/G VIP 7-Aug-69 Deceased
277 Smith   Tom L/C AFLC Pilot 23-Jan-74  
374 Smith J Bernard Maj Pilot 11-Jun-81  
424 Smith L Michael Maj Pilot 11-Jun-85  
464 Smith   Rogers Mr/NASA Pilot 14-Aug-91  
457 Snyder   Ben Capt Pilot 13-Apr-88  
320 Sober T Charles Capt RSO 18-Apr-77  
425 Soifer B Douglas Capt RSO 12-Jul-85  
428 Soucy L Philip Maj/AFLC RSO 1-Nov-85  
115 Sowers Gray Robert Maj Pilot 30-Nov-65 Deceased
163 Spencer C Robert Capt Pilot 7-Apr-67 Deceased
244 Sprinkle   Ross Col VIP 23-Apr-71  
* Spruill R Dameron Maj Staff 8-May-69 Deceased
172 St.Martin L Roy Maj Pilot 29-May-67 Deceased
356 Stampf W Frank Capt RSO 29-Jan-80  
353 Stanton S Joseph Col VIP 24-Jun-79  
101 Stephens L Robert Col Pilot 25-Jan-65 Deceased
11 Stockham   Hank ADP Eng Feb-64  
334 Stockton L Michael Capt RSO 13-Feb-78  
145 Storrie H John Maj Pilot 17-Aug-66  
474 Stucky   Mark Mr/NASA Staff 4-Mar-97  
420 Stump Cong Bob Cong VIP 1-Apr-85 Deceased
181 Sudderth W Robert AF/Civ Eng 18-Aug-67  
8 Sullivan B Dennis CIA CIA/BS 14-Apr-63 Deceased
217 Sullivan B Dennis Lt Col Pilot 14-Apr-65 Deceased
234 Sullivan   Jim Capt Pilot 18-Sep-70  
257 Sullivan V James Capt Pilot 23-Jul-72 Deceased
349 Swann R Michael Mr/NASA Pilot 29-Mar-79 Deceased
345 Szezepanik K Russell Capt RSO 24-Jan-79  
  T           T
398 Tabor D Ronald Capt RSO 7-Dec-82  
111 Templeton   H.A. Col Pilot 6-Aug-65 Deceased
338 Terry G Andrew Col Staff 1-Aug-78  
321 Thomas   Bredette Maj Pilot 1-Sep-77  
389 Tilden V Thomas Maj/AFLC Pilot 12-May-82  
25 Torick   Ray ADP LCO 17-Jun-65 Deceased
216 Trost   Fred Lt Col Staff 16-Dec-68  
  U - V           U - V
* Uppstrom L Richard Col VIP 7-Nov-79 Deceased
106 Ursini M Sammel Capt FCO 22-Apr-65  
448 Vardaman W Hunter Capt RSO 27-Aug-87  
417 Veltri F Thomas Capt RSO 5-Oct-84  
318 Veth J John Maj Pilot 20-Dec-76 Deceased
155 Vick C Dewain Capt RSO 22-Nov-66 Deceased
297 Vida T Joseph Maj RSO 18-Jun-75 Deceased
29 Vojvodich   Mel CIA CIA/BS 3-Mar-65 Deceased
218 Vojvodich   Mel Lt Col Pilot 3-Mar-65 Deceased
  W           W
152 Walbrecht A Donald Maj Pilot 10-Nov-66  
9 Walter J Alonzo Civ CIA 24-Jan-63 Deceased
103 Warner T Noel Maj FCO 27-Jan-65 Deceased
157 Watkins L James Maj Pilot 17-Feb-67 Deceased
455 Watkins T Donald Maj Pilot 16-Feb-88  
415 Watson L Walter Maj RSO 23-Aug-84  
19 Weaver   Bill ADP Pilot 18-Mar-65 Deceased
206 Weaver   R.W. Maj RSO 27-May-68  
30 Weeks   Jack Civ CIA/BS 21-Sep-65 Deceased
432 Welch CINC Larry Gen VIP 15-Jan-86  
156 Weller K Russell Col Staff 6-Jan-67  
376 Whalen W Dennis Maj RSO 16-Jul-81 Deceased
* Wheelon D Albert Civ Staff 1965 Deceased
258 Widdifield E Noel Capt RSO 11-Aug-72  
219 Wilcox E Bruce Capt Pilot 4-Mar-69  
267 Wilson F James Capt Pilot 26-Feb-73  
  X-Y-Z           X-Y-Z
405 Yeager   Chuck B/G VIP 5-Aug-83 Deceased
412 Yeilding R Edward Capt Pilot 19-Dec-83  
* Young P David   CIA 1963  
248 Young R William Mr/NASA RSO 30-Nov-71 Deceased
339 Young G David Col Staff 29-Aug-78  
343 Young A Richard Capt Pilot 21-Dec-78  
399 Young Cong Bill Cong VIP 19-Feb-83 Deceased
20 Zwayer   Jim ADP RSO 29-Mar-65 Deceased
Flt No Status
344 Cancelled
359 Cancelled
363 Cancelled
369 Cancelled
ENG Engineer
FE Flight Engineer
LCO Launch Control Officer
RSO Reconnaissnace Systems Officer
FCO Fire Control Officer
VIP Dollar Ride in Trainer (two pilot positions)
* Flew (in) a blackbird, but not at Mach 3

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