"The Flight Crews of the Blackbird"

The following collection of documents is know as "Buddy Brown's Book". It is a compilation of Blackbird historical facts written and maintained by Buddy L. Brown, SR-71 Crewmember. It is the most complete and accurate accounting of who qualified and flew the Lockheed Blackbird series of aircraft. In addition there is an extensive collection of "Milestones" of the Blackbirds; each and every one a significant historical event or document. If you want to know who did what where, it is probably here in this set of pages.

Introduction and Index (as printed) by Buddy L. Brown

Index Links:

    A12/YF12/SR-71 Crewmembers/VIP and Staff Flights

    Crew members Only

    Pilot Names and Qualifying Dates

    Reconnaissance System Operator Names and Qualifying Dates

    Crewmembers that flew 300 Hours in the SR-71 Aircraft

    Crewmembers that flew 900 Hours in the SR-71 Aircraft

    Crewmembers that flew 1,000 Hours in the SR-71 Aircraft

    High Time Crewmember in the SR-71 Aircraft

    VIP and Staff Familiarization Flights in the SR-71 Aircraft


1.       Milestones Introduction

Page Contents:
2.     Chronology of Significant Events

        Page Contents:

3.   Commanders

       Page Contents:

4.    Status of A12 Aircraft and other Records

       Page Contents:

5.  World Speed Record Data (Final Flight) for Aircraft #972. Appendix A (March 1990)

6.  Ben Rich's "SR-71 Retirement Ceremony" speech at Beale AFB, California, 26 January 1990. Appendix B

7.  Supplement-NASA qualifying Crew Members

8.  Supplement-Searchable database (by Name) on all personnel that qualified to fly a Blackbird

This entire set of "Flight Crews of the Blackbirds" and subset "Milestones" is the copyrighted property of Buddy L. Brown. Permission to reprint to the "SR-71 Blackbirds" website has been granted.

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