Schematics and Drawings of the SR-71

(Artwork by David Hebert, Photo Courtesy of Evergreen Aviation)

I receive numerous inquiry's from students requesting schematics or blueprints of the SR-71. While it is impossible to give any user a blueprint of the SR-71, the following is the best information that is available on the Internet of the drawings and schematics of the Blackbird. Exact schematics/blueprints of the SR-71 and related airframes are still considered Classified information and justly so. Each Blackbird had it's own set of blueprints due to ongoing modifications to their respective airframes. Thus, no two Blackbirds are identical, although they do look that way. If detailed blueprints of the Blackbird were available as common knowledge, then almost any country could attempt to manufacture a carbon copy.  The original molds or dies used in the manufacture of the SR-71 were ordered destroyed by then Secretary of Defense McNamara to prevent another country from manufacturing the aircraft. With that clarified, the following drawings are presented here for students and modeling enthusiasts.

SR-71A Front View
SR-71A Side View


SR-71 Top View


SR-71B (Trainer)

  A11; YF-12A and SR-71 A&B Variations


Top View

Bottom View


NASA Lasre Test Configuration. Further information on the Lasre can be found on the NASA Web site

M-21 with D-21 Drone

Further information on the M-21 and D-21 Drone can be found at this web page:



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Lead in photo courtesy of Evergreen Aviation. Credit to Dryden Flight Research Center (NASA) as indicated on the drawings. Original publish date December 29, 2000. Revised March 29, 2004

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