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Guest Book Entry's for 2007

1. Combat Mission Briefing at OL-8, Kadena AB Okinawa: This three page Adobe PDF document reflects the mission capabilities and the results obtained from surveillance of targets over North Vietnam; during the Vietnam War in 1968 and 1969. Included are two specific missions with details of SAM missiles being fired upon the SR-71. Posted February 09, 2007  Go to this URL: ./sr71_combat_briefing.htm

2. B58 Records set by Habu crewmembers and the 15,000 mile endurance flight by Col's Estes and Vick. Posted July 21,2007 Go to this URL: ./b58.htm

3. Unlocking The Mystery of the D-21B Solid Rocket Boosted Air-Launched Mach 3 UAV: Thomas L. Moore and co-authors Robert L. Geisler, Eric M. Rohrbaugh and Carl R. Pignoli presented this paper to the 43rd AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit 8-11 July 2007 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Posted July 24,2007. Go here to read the entire document: ./D21B_AIAA.htm

4. The SR-71 Sensor Pages: This is a collection of three WebPages dedicated to the SR-71 Sensors including Cameras (Optical): TROC,OOC, TEOC and OBC. Mission Payloads graphics are included. Sensors: Side Looking Radar, ASARS1, Defensive Systems EMR (ELINT & SIGINT) and Data Link Systems. Posted to the Internet August 24, 2007. The Three pages are:

Page One: ./sr_sensors_pg1.htm

Page Two: ./sr_sensors_pg2.htm

Page Three: ./sr_sensors_pg3.htm


5. Velocity, Speed with Direction: The Professional Career of Gen Jerome F. O’Malley 

Written by: Aloysius G. Casey and Patrick A. Casey. Here you can download the entire book for free. 

There are 286 pages in PDF format. 

This is well written book about the life of General Jerome F. O'Malley. 

A major historical document as O'Malley and Payne flew the first Habu (combat sortie) into North Vietnam. 








The 2007 Blackbird Reunion DVD is now available. This is the entire video presentation shown at the Saturday night banquet at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Reno, Nevada on 23 June 2007.

The DVD has been completely revised with new captions and additional images that were not shown at the Blackbird Reunion. If you did not attend the Reunion, this DVD will keep you informed of the Blackbird Community's commitment to excellence. Relive some of the golden years of the Blackbirds and see what is happening in Reconnaissance today. Price $25.00





Go here to check it out or order:




Here is the latest movie I have posted to YouTube:

SR-71 Blackbird Launch


If you have been associated with the SR-71 and would like to have your experiences or recollections listed on these Web Pages please fill out the form on the

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2009 Blackbird Reunion

We have locked in dates for the next reunion in Reno, NV at the Nugget Hotel. They are June 11-14, 2009. The Blackbird Association reunion is for members (and their guests) only. 


SR-71 #963 has been moved from its flight line display near the control tower at Beale AFB to a new Heritage Park location over by the golf course. (Courtesy Fred Carmody)

Mike Relja (NASA) sent us this Powerpoint Presentation of the SR71 Final disposition of parts and units at Barstow. 

There are two Powerpoint files. Download and view here:

File One: ./SR-71 Nov 07 Part 1 Final.ppt

File Two: ./SR-71 Nov 07 Part 2 Finalupdate.ppt


If you don't have Powerpoint on your computer you can download a free Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer here:









bt-eagle.jpgOwn a Piece of Titanium From a Blackbird: Dan Freeman; a Retire Air Force Machine Shop Chief is offering unique Titanium articles for sale at this web site. You can custom order to fit your needs. All Titanium that was stored at Barstow (2,151,760 lbs total of all materials) has been shredded and recycled. A must see Web Site!

srpatch.gifSunday, August 26, 2007 Roger Attick Writes: Active duty: 1973-1978

100th Strategic Recon Wing, Davis Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ - HABU

U2 C & R models : Elint (SFERICS) & Electronic Warfare (everything in the nose, plus jamming System 13 and wing-mounted Infrared System 20)

skunk1.gifIf you have worked directly with the SR-71 or U-2, you may qualify to join the Blackbird Association. Pilots, Maintenance Support Personnel, Contractors and PSD support are examples.


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