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Guest Book Entries for 2009

1. Buz Carpenter, SR-71 instructor pilot and Docent at the Udvar-Hazy Center of the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC has provided a PowerPoint Presentation directed at SR-71 Docents at other museums throughout the United States and the one in Great Britain. Docents can download the PowerPoint to their computers. Visit the web page here: URL: ./Docent001.htm

Posted April 03, 2009

2. OL-8 SR-71 Combat Briefing Summary Kadena AB, Okinawa February 23 to March 16, 1969. This report relates how the first SR-71 combat missions were flown. This set of  7 pages is probably one of the most accurate presentation of those procedures necessary for successful flights over denied territory. And that is how it was in 1969. Link here: ./OL8_FSR_Combat_Report.htm

Posted September 27, 2009



The 2007 Blackbird Reunion DVD is now available. This is the entire video presentation shown at the Saturday night banquet at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Reno, Nevada on 23 June 2007.

The DVD has been revised with new captions and additional images that were not shown at the Blackbird Reunion. If you did not attend the Reunion, this DVD will keep you informed of the Blackbird Community's commitment to excellence. Relive some of the golden years of the Blackbirds and see what is happening in Reconnaissance today. Price $25.00


Go here to check it out or order:




"Eagles may soar, but weasels do not get sucked into jet engines."

srpatch.gifTue, Dec 29 2009, 10:16 am, PST TSgt Billy Oneal Writes: 

I was at Beale from 1968-1979 in the J58 Jet Engine Shop. I am looking for two person that was there when I was. Robby Roberson was in the jet shop and Joe T. Oneal was in the AR Shop. I want to the last two reunion had a great time and also found some old friends.



 TSgt Billy Oneal


srpatch.gif12/28/2009, 1:21 am, EST MSgt USAF (Ret) Susan Dooley Writes: 

Beale AFB was my first assignment in 1975. I was the first woman in the parachute shop. When the B-52's left I was allowed to stay and work on the SR. I was the first PCS rigger at the Det in Kadena, went back to Beale and then to start the new shop at RAF Alconbury. I had hoped to go back to Beale, but they didn't need any more 7 level parachute riggers. I met my late husband while in the UK and he did get the assignment to Beale (autopilot) but that needed to be changed once SAC realized we gotten married. I would love to hear from any one who remembers me. Parachute Shop, 1976 to 1986. 

MSgt USAF (Ret) Susan Dooley


srpatch.gif12/24/2009, 9:55 am, EST Detective Sgt. Dan Goodwin Writes: Man, can't believe it's been 3.5 years since last I posted on this site. 

A lady AF vet who knew my buddy
Dan Bohrer from his TDYs to RAF Mildenhall with 9th AMS ECM/ELINT emailed me this week and reminded me to check back. Sadly I haven't heard from Dan B. in several years and pray he is OK. Have been in fairly frequent contact with one of my best buds ever, Ken Hamlin, whom I found out is still working at Beale as a civilian tech rep and recently did something in the Sandbox that helped GWOT. I envy him that; wish they had a program for chubby 50-year-old guys with an affinity for firearms to take the place of young guys overseas. Been corresponding with good ol' Bradley Mills, who ran the Rod and Gun Club on the side, who helped me get my first firearms as an adult while making nearly $400 a month working for the gummint! Still got my nickel-plated Dirty Harry S&W, may show it to a whitetail buck over the holidays, 'puterman.

Still desperately seeking the sweet, underappreciated
SRA Beth Houghton of the People's Repulik of Massachusetts. Beth would loan me her Honda Rebel motorcycle knowing full well I was legally drunk almost all the time I was off duty, and enjoyed picking on her endlessly for her support of government run healthcare. Her passion for this issue is the only reason I have to smile about the crap going on in D.C. this week. You are still the only liberal I ever liked, Miss Elizabeth.

On the personal front, if any ol' buds care, after going back to the sheriff's office in early '06 I was promoted to detective sergeant in July '07. It only took me 26 years after the AF did it to make Sarge again! Me and my partner are the Cold Case Unit and have solved murders committed in 1980, '82, '84, '94, and a 1989 kidnapping case. If any of you watch The Forensic Files you might have seen the episode about our '84 case, called "The Jean Pool", it still plays in reruns. If y'all live in the Northern California area you may remember the press coverage this past February when we arrested the San Jose grandpa who stole his two grandchildren from his daughter here in 1989. People magazine ran a story on it too, but luckily didn't use our pictures!

I also serve as the media spokesman for the Rutherford County (TN) Sheriff's Office (ain't good lookin', but I ain't shy, as Mr. Seger sang) and am a primary firearms instructor for our 200 sworn officers. My oldest son is a sophomore at Middle Tennessee State University, my daughter is a junior in high school, and my younger son is a sophomore there too. If you enjoy firearms you can read articles I write for Harris Publications magazines; some are online at a website called tactical-life. Hell, my daughter Googled me and found all kinds of crazy stuff. No I'm not the guy who was climbing skyscrapers in the ealry '80s, but most of the rest of it is me.

I am so proud to have been a member of the Habu community that I use the 3+ logo seen on these pages as a graphic element for my county email signature and use Semper Paratus as my signature on text messages 

 Sgt. Dan Goodwin


srpatch.gif12/22/2009, 3:04 pm, EST SSgt Robert M. Hughes Writes: 

I was at Beale from 1969 to 1973. Would like to hear from Mike Cartrite, Bob Miller@ other old friends, now that we are old. My E-Mail address  Every one have a Merry Christmas. 



SSgt Robert M. Hughes


srpatch.gif12/15/2009, 3:46 pm, EST SGT Mark Flint Writes: 

Enjoyed the photos, Haven't thought about the "Black Bird" in many years. Watched 978 crash at Kadena in a Typhoon 1972. It was scary and heartbreaking for all of us. We were mad at the Pilot for blowing off the canopy instead of opening it. The RSO just opened his and climbed out. Fortunately my gear was in the RSO position and didn't get too wet. We had to cover it with tarps and sand bags I worked on the SLR (30135A) from Dec 1971-Aug 1973 at Beale with a 3 month TDY at Kadena.
Worked on C-130 Gunships at Ubon before I was stationed at Beale.

 SGT Mark Flint 


srpatch.gif12/11/2009, 11:40 am, EST SSgt Dennis Raymond Townsend Writes: 


This is my new address Info I am a member #1373 and I have a post for the year 1999 .I would like to know if you can update this info or let me know how to due this. You can contact me at the email above.


Dennis R. Townsend
Habu forever


srpatch.gif12/10/2009, 10:29 am, EST E4 Dale Bates Writes:

Originally assigned to 4300 OMS May of 65, No airplanes so we did odd jobs until we finally got one airplane. Imagine, hundreds of us eager to get to work and not enough room in the hanger. Most memorable moment. . . meeting Mr. Kelly Johnson at the Inauguration ceremony. we all shared a piece of the SR-71 cake. Went to SEA and then directly back to Beale in Jan 68. Discharged April 4, 68. 

Driving through the Midwest, I met her once again. She was literally hanging out here in the plains west of Omaha, Nebraska. We were traveling on interstate 80 and decided to take a break. I walked in the door, and there she was. The first time I met her I was young, naïve, and just out of my teens. Now we are both retired. It was a chance meeting. I came to see someone else, yet she stood regally by the front door. I stood staring in awe. Could that really be her? Although time has wrinkled her skin, freshly made up she looked just as gorgeous as she did years ago. She was so beautiful, and once moved as if waltzing, gliding, sailing, while she sang her unique song. 
Although I spent long hours attending her needs, she never really knew I was there. I know she had feelings because she cried while we attended her. Her tears stained our clothing, yet we did not mind. We knew that once she soared, her tears would dry while forcing her way into the darkness. She held court every night, with a score of suitors scurrying about like a queen’s entourage. And a queen indeed she was. She required constant attention in her own castle. She was a member of a unique society. Each member had her own residence protected them from prying eyes. Occasionally, they were allowed out to roam the earth in search of surreptitious activities. She had sharp vision capable of locating a golf ball on the golf course, read the name and then determined its compression rating from a remote distance, and her ears could listen to conversations where the conversers believed they were secure. 
For over twenty years she covertly prowled the skies, with impunity, searching for activities that threatened our nation’s security. I knew her simply by her tail number, “964.” Originally dubbed the “Blackbird,” while serving on the island of Okinawa the locals dubbed her “habu,” because she looked like a local snake. The world knew her as the SR-71. 
Located in the U.S.A.F. Strategic Air Command Museum west of Omaha, Nebraska, SR-71 # 964 greets visitors in the main lobby. While she moved about at 2100 mph above 80,000 ft, her enemies could not bring her down; however, newer satellite technologies and spiraling operational costs eventually were her demise. 
There was never an airplane like her before and there will never be another. 

E4 Dale Bates


srpatch.gif12/9/2009, 6:24 am, EST MSgt Patrick M. Mclean Writes: 

J-58 engine shop..Kadena AB, Okinawa.

 Retired from the Det 1 in February 1987 and have remained here in Okinawa. 


MSgt Patrick M. Mclean



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